Thai Summer Salad

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Thai Summer Salad

Thai This Salad On!

Our Thai Summer Salad is a vegan and gluten-free treat featuring rice noodles, tofu, vegetables and spices accompanied by peanut and spring roll sauces, for a pick of tastes (or a mix of both).
Try this salad at all Elephants locations.

Corbett Bistro Dinner Special

Try our new dinner special at Elephants on Corbett! Enjoy roasted chicken and salsa verde with two sides of your choice. Sides include favorites like mac & cheese, sweet potato tots, kale Caesar salad, roasted veggies, french fries, arugula and fennel salad, or our roasted potatoes.
Available all evening, beginning at 3pm, at Elephants on Corbett.

Cubano Libre!

Our Cubano sandwich is back. Made since the 1500s in Cuba (referred to there simply as “sandwich”), and imported to Key West and Tampa with the cigar factories in the 1800s, this simple and scrumptious sandwich has rightfully become one of the most popular throughout the United States.
We make it the traditional way – pressing ham, pork, Swiss and pickles between two slices of our fresh-baked bread, with just a touch of mustard. Perfect for enjoying on a patio with a cool drink to hand, or even on the go, walking the sun-dappled streets of Portland.
Try the cubano sandiwch at all Elephants locations.

Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich

A spin on an Elephants classic, this fried chicken sandwich is packing Korean sauce, Gochujang Aioli, and sweet and spicy zucchini salad on our sesame seed bun; served with fries! This never before seen sandwich is available now at our NW 22nd, Corbett, and South Waterfront locations. Try it before it's gone!
Get spicy at Elephants at NW 22nd, Elephants on Corbett, or Flying Elephants at South Waterfront.

Caprese Pasta Salad Recipe

We love everything Caprese. Caprese means “of Capri,” as in Capri, the island in Italy. In its simplest salad form, Caprese consists of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. We love this combination in sandwiches, pasta salads, snack skewers, and even breakfast dishes like omelettes, scrambles, and potato hash. These ingredients capture the flavor of summer, and they are a great way to use that bumper crop of tomatoes.
Make your own Caprese pasta salad with this simple recipe.

July SOUP SPECIALS (July 8th – August 5th)



Thai Coconut Chicken (DF/WF)
Carrot and Red Lentil (VG/DF/WF)


Week of July 8th
Chicken Tikka Masala bowl with vegetable biryani and raita (WF)
Ground Beef Shepherd’s Pie with creamy mashed potatoes and house salad
Week of July 15th
Very Veggie Chili (VG/DF/WF) with corn pie (VE)
Lemon Chicken with whipped sweet potatoes and house salad
Week of July 22nd
Very Veggie Chili (VG/DF/WF) with corn pie (VE)
Chicken Pot Pie with house salad (VE/WF)
Week of July 29th
All-American Meatloaf with creamy mashed potatoes and house salad (WF)
Coconut Curry Bowl with quinoa and almonds (VG/DF/WF)

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