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The Matzo Project

12.21.2019 | 11am-2pm

elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Event Summary

Matzo crackers made marvelous! Come taste a traditional snack that has been deliciously re-formulated by two childhood friends.



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Product Tastings

Only Child Chocolate

02.07.2020 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Only Child Chocolate company is an exciting, local, and delicious way to experience chocolate. With flavors like milk chocolate with rosemary and ginger, and white chocolate with bergamot and black pepper, Only Child Chocolate company will not disappoint your taste buds.

Product Tastings

San Giuliano Olive Oil

01.30.2020 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Come taste why this award winning Olive oil based out of Italy is leading the way in the oil business. Stop by Elephants to try some delicious Italian olive oil, crafted and perfected for your enjoyment.

Product Tastings

A. Tellin Company

01.25.2020 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Come sip the taste of attention to detail. We are excited to introduce our friends at A. Tellin Company and their delicious tea.

Product Tastings

Stumptown OATLY Coffee

01.24.2020 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Stumptown has been busy in the lab for the last year or so, tinkering away on their exciting new collaboration with OATLY. Founded in Sweden in 1985, OATLY, like Stumptown, shares our commitment to sustainable business practices without compromising fun or deliciousness. We’re excited for you to try their delicious collaboration.

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