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Celebrating Dietary Preference

We don't just accommodate dietary preferences, we celebrate them! You’ll find menus that meet a variety of tastes and needs.


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Elephants Catering & Events features vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options. We also offer wheat-free catering options, although we are not a certified gluten-free kitchen. We offer appropriate portions and lighter options. All our event signage indicates menu designations clearly – VE/VG/WF/DF. We also indicate common allergens on all our food signage.

Our signage also indicates how our proteins are prepared – typically, grilled, baked, poached or roasted. No preservatives or additives of any kind are found in any of our foods.

Catering Event Venues

Location is – as they say – everything! Go beyond the ordinary and dazzle your guests with a unique experience at one of these recommended venues.

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