2023 wedding catering trends 

While wedding food trends are always changing, it's rare that a new trend completely replaces an old one. Rather, each year only adds to the already-incredible roster of big-day ideas that exist, meaning the options available to engaged couples continue to grow. And that means more choices and even more options for personalization.
After the last few years of craving parties and people, 2023 has seen a big return to social celebrations. People are embracing the joy of gathering once again. And many long-loved and long-held wedding traditions (like sitting down to a big plated meal) just feel extra special now.

Plant-based food. Every year more and more guests are requesting vegan and vegetarian menu options whether or not they have a dietary restriction. Plant-based food is a thoughtful way to cater to your guests’ needs. Plus, it’s more sustainable and often more cost-effective.

Grazing tables. Grazing tables are like GIANT cheese and charcuterie boards overflowing with your favorite foods. You can see why they’ve become trendy on social media: These beautiful spreads are as gorgeous as they are delicious. You don’t have to limit yourself to charcuterie and cheese. You can set up multiple boards, including one for sweets or a “first-course” table devoted to salads. Or create a brunch grazing table with donuts, bagels, pastries, jams, smoked fish, fruit, yogurts, and more. The options and themes are truly endless.

Regional menus. Local, seasonal foods have been a popular wedding food trend for a while now. Using close-to-home ingredients can be more sustainable and affordable. But local doesn’t just mean sourcing ingredients from local farms. Many couples want food that is native to the area or region to show off what makes their wedding location special from a culinary standpoint.

Oyster stations. Speaking of regional food, tasty mollusks popping still pop up at a lot of Pacific Northwest weddings. Like any other food “action station,” an oyster bar creates an experience that effortlessly elevates your event.

Late-night snacks. The late-night snack trend is still going strong. Couples are showcasing foods they love--from comfort foods and movie snacks to their favorite food cart dishes and fast foods. Brainstorm with your partner to create a list of your favorite snacks and see what late-night menu ideas come up.  Midnight ramen party, anyone?

Plated dinners. Plated meals are nothing new in the world of weddings, but they are making a notable resurgence. Post-pandemic, more people want to sit down and enjoy a traditional plated dinner. It’s kind of like going back to basics, in terms of gathering. People want to do those longer toasts and say everything that's been on their minds since getting married means so much more now

Individual servings/miniature versions of foods. Remember during Covid-19 when menus were reimagined into individual servings for a safe experience? Expect this trend to hang on. Individual charcuterie and cheese boxes and tiny desserts are ideal when dancing, mixing, and mingling are priorities for couples and guests, offering a non-traditional dinner by way of hors d'oeuvres.

Childhood classics and playful nostalgia. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches at a wedding? Yes. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with lobster or black truffles? Double YES! Comfort food classics with an elegant twist are just getting more popular. Weddings are the perfect time to take your favorite dishes and make them a little special. Think elevated versions of childhood classics, like tomato soup and grilled cheese. Comfort food makes people nostalgic for happy moments from home and their childhood.

Dessert tables. Often guests just want a taste of dessert. A dessert buffet is a fun way to offer something sweet for everyone’s palate. Miniature desserts offer a fun palette of colors to match any theme and create fantastic table displays with. And many small desserts—like candies or macarons—can also be packaged as take-home guest favors.

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