Wonderland: Cheese of the month May

Mountain Lodge Farm hand-makes a variety of amazing goat's milk cheeses in the cascade foothills of Washington state. Wonderland is rich, nutty, floral, fruity, and very versatile.

Good to know:  

  • Named for the trail that encircles Mt. Rainier
  • A Tomme-style cheese. Tomme (Tome) is a generic term for a group of alpine cheeses made mainly in the French Alps and Switzerland.
Serving ideas: With sausage or salami and olives, grated on salad or vegetables

Pour a glass of: a fruity white such as pinot grigio or viognier or a lighter-style red like gamay or pinot noir.

Milk source: Raw goat's milk
Origin: Washington, US
Rind: Natural
Texture: Firm
Aging: eight months - two years

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