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We've reached the last of our Twelve Treats of Christmas. Time certainly flies when you’re sharing the treasures of the season! For our final offering we are proud to present two incredible wine specials.

Orin Swift – Locations – Tour de Europe

Renowned Napa Valley Winemaker Dave Phinney (the Prisoner, Mercury Head) recently turned his attention to Europe. Travelling around the continent, he's created unique & compelling wines in different countries. Accessing great vineyard sources, Phinney makes rule-breaking wines with unique varietal combinations.
Bold & delicious, each wine offers you a taste of the country of origin from an American winemaking perspective making this the perfect gift for a wine lover, traveler or Euro-phile. $55

Owen Roe – Chapel Block Syrah – Vertical 2008-11

Owen Roe has specially packaged all four vintages of Washington’s iconic Chapel Block Syrah, made from the state’s oldest Syrah vines. As far as owner/winemaker David O’Reilly knows, this is the first retail vertical of this wine available. Every year this wine is lush, dense & has extraordinary intensity while maintaining balance.  Savory bacon, pepper & dark fruit flavors highlight all of these wines. You won’t find this anywhere else.

2008: 97 points
2009: 93 points
2010: 92 points
2011: ?? points




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