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Tsar Nicoulai Caviar


The United States was one of the largest producers of caviar until overfishing in the 1800’s endangered sturgeon populations and halted domestic production. Since 1978, the founders of Tsar Nicoulai have worked to restore the industry while alleviating pressure on wild sturgeon populations, much to the delight of chefs worldwide.
Here’s a fun fact! Caviar is often used to describe any type of fish roe, but technically refers only to the salted roe of sturgeon. Other fish roe can be labeled caviar only if the name of the fish is included, as with salmon caviar.
We’re proud to carry Tsar Nicolai Caviar because of their commitment to sustainability and exceptional quality. At Tsar Nicoulai they’ve developed a proprietary system of tank farming that creates a mineral-rich environment free of mercury, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Combining these practices with all-natural feed has resulted in clean tasting caviar with a buttery finish.
And that brings us to the most important thing about caviar – how to eat it! We recommend enjoying caviar on its own in order to experience the full range of intricate flavor and texture. Just put a spoonful in your mouth and enjoy! You can also serve it on mild breads like challah or blini. (Crackers or anything crunchy will mask the delicate texture). However you enjoy it, we’re thrilled to share some of the best caviar the world has to offer.

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