bottles of wine

Top Five Wine Gifts

bottles of wine

Looking for a gift for a friend who knows a lot about wine--you know, that person with an enviable cellar? The one everyone else asks for wine advice. Dazzle the wine aficionado in your life with five picks, hand chosen  by Larry, our wine buyer.

We can also help you build a nice gift box around a special bottle of wine--choosing the perfect cheese, salami, or other gourmet snack.


Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc El Rougue $70.00

Biale “Black Chicken” Zinfandel $46.00

Westrey, Cuvee 20 2012 $60.00

Krug Champagne Grande Cuvee $202.00

Burlotto, “Verduno” 2010 Barolo $62.00

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