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Pitch Dark Chocolates

Spotlight on Pitch Dark Chocolate

Pitch Dark Chocolates

This Pitch Dark Chocolate tasting has all the complexity of a wine tasting. Chuno, Nicalizo, Rugoso. Bean by bean, we begin to understand the singular characteristics of single-origin, single-variety cocoa beans. Some beans are smoky. Some fruity. Wait…this one has a hint that banana in the background? And that is what Pitch Dark Chocolate is becoming known for: creating chocolate that bears the unique characteristics of its origin.
The delicious results are part process, part purchasing, not to mention a whole lot of intuition, experience, and pure talent. Pitch Dark’s intricate and unique chocolate making process—roasting, cracking, winnowing, refining, rolling, conching, and more refining—results in a single-bean bar of exquisite flavor.
Brian Flick, owner and chocolate maker, sources these beans directly from the farmers in Fiji, Ecuador, Madagascar, and Nicaragua. When we say he gets the beans directly from Fiji, for example, we are talking right to their doors: He goes to the homes of the 10 farmers he has developed relationships with. He also works with companies like Ingemann, who works with farmers in Nicaragua to provide chocolatiers the finest single-origin and single-variety cocoa beans, with full traceability and sustainability. Ingemann also works to pay the farmers an above-market rate (about 25% above!).
Pitch Dark products have quickly become a staff and customer favorite at Elephants Deli. We invite you to stop by and try this amazing product. You can also swing by Pitch Dark’s shop, where they sell bite-sized truffles and other treasures.
Thank you to Brian and his whole team for giving our herd a peak at how the magic happens!

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