Elephants cure soup on a table with a red towel

Soup Calendar 2023

Elephants cure soup on a table with a red towel

More soups are coming for 2023

We have big plans for soup in 2023. First, by popular request, we have added Elephants Cure to our roster of year-long soup options (alongside favorites like Tomato Orange and Mama Leone's). We're also expanding our soup production capacity—that means more soup options at stores.

Don't see your favorite soup? Don't fret! 

This soup calendar is a work in progress that will change as we add more soups to the menu. Stay tuned!

January 9th-April 2nd

Sweet Potato & Kale Soup (DF, WF, VG)
Wild Mushroom Soup (VE)


April 3rd-July 2nd

Carrot Red Lentil Soup (DF, WF, VG)
Chicken Lime Tortilla Soup (DF, WF)


July 3rd-October 8th

Summer Vegetable Soup (DF, WF, VG)
Corn Chowder


October 9th-January 8th

Indian Spiced Lentil Soup (DF, WF, VG)
Nigerian Chicken & Peanut Soup (DF, WF) |  October 9th-November 5th
Butternut Squash and Pear Soup (WF, VE) | November 6th-December 3rd
Wild Mushroom Soup (VE) | December 4th- January 8th

DF: dairy-free, WF: wheat-free, VE: vegetarian, VG: vegan


Potato leek soup  Wild Mushroom Soup  Summer Vegetable Soup   

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