The Ele-Pail is back!

The Ele-pail returns on Monday, February 7th!
Eat…rinse…refill...repeat... with our Elephants reusable food container.Make a $5 refundable deposit and you’re all set.
Bring your rinsed Ele-pail back and get a fresh one to use again! Available at all Elephants locations.

Check it out!

--An environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable containers
--Microwave safe for re-heating
--BPA-free polypropylene plastic
--Use it for soup, your favorite hot dish (mac-n-cheese, please), hot lunch specials, or your favorite item from the deli case (at NW 22nd).
I bought one, but now I want to return it. 
What? You don't love it? We think you will use it a lot, but if you aren't enjoying your new Ele-pail, you can return it for a full $5.00 refund.
Where do I return my rinsed Ele-pail in an Elephants store?
Each Elephants location has a receptacle for your Ele-pail. Return your new one, and ask us for a fresh one. Questions? Ask us: We'll show you the ropes!
Can I fill my Ele-pail with shortbread cookies?
Yes. Yes, you can. You can fill it with all your Elephants favorites when you want to skip a disposable container.

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