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beer and cheese

PDX Beer Week

beer and cheese

Portland Beer Week is upon us, and we’re kicking it off right by making every hour Happy Hour at NW 22nd Avenue. That’s right! From June 5th through the 15th all draft pints are $3.50 every day, all day. And if that doesn’t put a cheesy grin on your face, then perhaps… CHEESE will!
Free Cheese & Beer Tastings
The fact that beer and cheese pair together so well is no accident. There is a long farmhouse and monastic tradition of beer brewing and cheese making. They’re both similarly fermented products, so it’s only natural that they would be fast gastronomic friends. Not to mention, the effervescent qualities of beer and its knack at breaking up the richness of cheese. Check out the pairings below, and be sure to stop by NW 22nd for a free introduction to this classic culinary experience!
Friday, June 6th  •  5:00 – 7:00pm
Chimay Grande Reserve & Chimay Cheese
It only makes sense to kick off our tastings with a beer and cheese combo in the tradition that first brought us beer and cheese combos. Located in the Scourmount Abbey, a Trappist monastery, Chimay Brewery is one of ten breweries worldwide producing Trappist beer. All of their beer is produced by the monks to create a self-supporting monastery. The beer mash solids leftover from the brewing process are fed to cows which produce milk for Chimay cheese. Then the cheese rinds are washed with their beer counterpart. A beautiful waltz of cheese and beer, it’s no wonder this pairing works so well!
Saturday, June 7th  •  12:00 – 2:00pm
Trip XIX (Taylor Shellfish Farms Oyster Stout) & Cascadia Glacier Blue
The creamy richness of blue cheese and a malty dark stout is a match made in Heaven. We’re taking it one step further with this New Belgium/Elysian/Taylor Shellfish collaboration of great interest. Trip XIX is brewed with oyster shells giving the roasted chocolate flavor of traditional stout a surprising but mild sea salt companion.
Friday, June 13th  •  5:00 – 7:00pm
Gigantic Firebird Smoked Hefeweizen & Montealva Goat Cheese
Gigantic’s Smoked Hefeweizen is a light, slightly fruity wheat beer with a smokey finish. The taste of wheat beer is wonderfully matched by the creamy tang of a goat cheese, and Montealva’s third-generation of cheesemakers have perfected the art and simplicity of this cheese.
Saturday, June 14th  •  12:00 – 2:00pm
Rogue Juniper Pale Ale & Lincolnshire Poacher
Lincolnshire Poacher comes from the family owned, fourth generation farm of Tim and Simon Jones. Their cheese has qualities of Swiss mountain cheese, but it retains more similarity to country cheddar through their process and use of raw cow’s milk. This mild and slightly sweet cheddar flavor makes it the perfect complement to Rogue’s Juniper Pale Ale, a medium-bodied brew with a modest bitterness and a hint of juniper.

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