Maia: September Cheese of the Month

A soft, washed rind cow's milk cheese from Briar Rose Creamery in Dundee, Oregon. Custardy and fudgy texture with flavors of clotted cream, sweet corn, melon, and straw. Made with organic Ayrshire cow’s milk. Approx 1.5 pound wheels.
Good to know:

  • Gets softer and more luscious with age.
  • Maia is a Greek/Italian earth goddess of Spring, growth, and nurturing. The month of May is attributed to her.
  • Lovely pale flesh color with occasional speckles of blue.

Serving ideas: Serve this showstopper as the centerpiece of your cheese board, with local charcuterie and seasonal dried fruit and nits.
Pour a glass of: A local craft beer or pinot noir.
Milk source: Cow
Origin: Oregon, USA
Rind: Washed rind
Texture: Soft
Aging: Aged two - eight weeks

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