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Elephants Classics for

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  • Every Day | 5am-5pm
Open 5am-5pm daily.

Elephants Classics for Delivery and Pickup

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  • vegetarian
  • vegan
  • dairy-free
  • wheat-free

Dinner Packages

Our dinner packages feed 3-4 people and are served in ready to heat containers

  • Coconut Curry Dinner New!

    Coconut curry stew, lentil & rice pilaf, spice-roasted cauliflower, a French baguette, and four cowboy cookies (chocolate chip oatmeal cookies)

  • Teriyaki Salmon Dinner New!

    Teriyaki salmon bites (with wasabi dipping sauce), fragrant basmati rice pilaf, two of our Willamette Valley salads, a French baguette, and four cowboy cookies (chocolate chip oatmeal cookies)

  • Spring Fried Chicken Dinner New!

    Buttermilk fried chicken (whole bird), dad's baked beans, bread & butter pickled jalapeños, broccoli salad, potato salad, and our fresh baked American apple pie

rotating weekly specials

Our rotating weekly special packages feed 3-4 people and are served in ready to heat containers

  • Jamaican Curry Dinner—available May 25th-31st New!

    Jamaican chicken curry, served with brown rice, black beans, & zucchini, major grey chutney, and four big chocolate chip cookies

Casseroles & Entrées

  • Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken, root vegetables, and creamy herb sauce topped with Elephants homemade biscuits

  • Chicken Enchilada Verde

    With cheddar and tomatillo sauce, topped with our homemade salsa

  • Lasagna Bolognese

    Layers of lasagna with ricotta filling and our Bolognese ragú

  • Lasagna Marinara

    Layers of lasagna with ricotta filling, spinach, and our béchamel sauce

  • Macaroni & Cheese

    Guest favorite — Cavatappi pasta and cheese sauce topped with seasoned bread crumbs

  • Macaroni & Cheese With Smoked Bacon

    Our creamy macaroni and cheese with Applewood-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, Parmesan cheese, parsley, and lemon

  • Coconut Curry Stew

    Sweet potatoes stewed with asparagus, onion, carrot, spinach, broccoli, vegetable stock, coconut milk, tamari, curry powder, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, and red chili flakes

  • Beef Stroganoff

    Tender beef and mushrooms tossed with egg noodles, beef stock, sour cream, shallots, Dijon, a touch of brandy, and parsley

  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken

    Chicken soaked in buttermilk, tossed in our seasoned flour, and fried

Side Dishes

  • Spice-Roasted Cauliflower with Golden Raisins

    Cauliflower roasted with cumin, cayenne, garlic, yellow raisins, parsley, and olive oil

  • Fragrant Basmati Rice Pilaf

    Basmati rice, onions, and vegetable stock

  • Lentil Rice Pilaf

    Brown lentils cooked with basmati rice, olive oil, cumin, coriander, and all spice

  • Dad's Baked Beans New!

    Kidney, butter, and lima beans with onions, ketchup, and molasses

  • Broccoli Salad New!

    Broccoli with cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, onions, tomatoes, bacon, and carrots

  • Potato Salad New!

    Potatoes, eggs, onions, parsley, and relish mixed with mayonnaise and touch of mustard

Happy Hour

Items (except the charcuterie tray), are served in a ready to heat or freeze container that serves 3-4.

  • Charcuterie & Cheese Tray New!

    Mortadella, Cabernet salami, Molinari salami, Castelvetrano olives, oil cured olives, sharp white aged Tillamook cheddar, Ossau-Iraty cheese, goat cheese & pistachio dip, and Sautéed Dates with Sea Salt; served with our French baguette

  • Dungeness Crab Cakes

    Dungeness crab, shrimp, shallots, fresh cilantro, lemon zest, bread crumbs, lime, and serrano chilies served with our chili-lime aioli

  • Spring Rolls

    With cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and water chestnuts; served with our sweet chili dipping sauce

  • Tomato Basil Tartlets

    Tomatoes, basil, cheddar, Swiss, and mayonnaise in phyllo shells

  • Zucchini & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms

    With zucchini, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, basil, Parmesan cheese, house-made ricotta, garlic, butter, and lemon (please note, our mushroom caps need to be cooked according to instructions)


  • Tomato Orange Soup

    A creamy, dreamy tomato soup with a twist of orange

  • Mama Leone's Soup

    Chicken breast, tomato, vegetables, a savory blend of herbs and spices, with a touch of cream

  • Elephants Cure Chicken Soup

    Chicken breast, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, cloves, serrano peppers, and cilantro all simmered in our house-made chicken stock

  • Indian Spiced Lentil Soup New!

    Red lentils, tomato, garlic, chili flakes, and cilantro in vegetable stock


  • French Baguette

    Baked fresh daily

  • Butter Pats

Sweet Treats

  • Big Cookies

    Chocolate chip, cowboy (oatmeal chocolate chip), oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, or double chocolate

  • Shortbread Cookies

    Delicious elephant shaped shortbreads

  • Big Cookie Platter

    A variety of our big cookies, all served in individual bags. Includes chocolate chip, cowboy (oatmeal chocolate chip), oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and shortbread

  • Banana Bread

    Cake-like, with pecans and a hint of vanilla

  • Chocolate Mousse New!

    A light fluffy mousse made with chocolate and a hint of vanilla

  • Ding Dong Cake New!

    Rich chocolate cake with a vanilla whipped cream filling
    encased in chocolate ganache

  • American Apple Pie New!

    Apples and spice baked up in our flaky crust


  • Granola & Yogurt Parfait

    Elephants granola with vanilla and strawberry yogurt and fresh seasonal berries—contains nuts.

  • Breakfast Burrito–Bacon

    Eggs, bacon, potato, pepper jack cheese, and Cholula sauce in a flour tortilla with a side of salsa

  • Breakfast Burrito–Bean and Chili

    Eggs, green chilies, pinto beans, potatoes, pepper jack cheese, and Cholula sauce in a whole wheat tortilla with a side of salsa

  • Sausage & Potato Frittata

    Potatoes, eggs, sausage, cheddar and Swiss cheese, scallions, and chives baked until golden

  • Veggie Frittata

    Potatoes, eggs, zucchini, mushrooms, cheddar and Swiss cheese, scallions, and chives baked until golden


  • Turkey & Cheddar

    Turkey, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise on multigrain bread

  • Jambon et Fromage

    Ham, Swiss, butter, and Dijon on our ficelle

  • Egg Salad

    Eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, scallions, and lettuce on multigrain bread

  • Albacore Tuna Salad

    Tuna, mayonnaise, tomato, pickle, and lettuce on multigrain bread

  • Turkey Club

    Turkey, bacon, Swiss, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise on rustic white bread

  • Northern Italian

    Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and basil oil, on our ficelle


  • Willamette Valley Salad

    Mixed greens, hazelnuts, blue cheese, apples, and grapes with our raspberry vinaigrette

  • Classic Cobb Salad

    Chicken breast, romaine, hard-boiled egg, blue cheese, bacon, tomato, scallions, and our French vinaigrette

  • Chop Chop Salad

    Turkey, salami, provolone, Parmesan, garbanzo beans, romaine, olives, scallions, Mama Lil’s peppers, and our balsamic vinaigrette

  • Smoked Salmon Salad

    Salmon, arugula, dried cranberries, pearl couscous, tomatoes, roasted corn, Parmesan, pepitas, and our creamy pesto dressing

  • Vegan Salad Sack Lunch

    Seasonal vegan salad with sea salt chips and a fresh fruit salad

  • Seasonal House Salad New!

    Arugula, radicchio, red leaf lettuce, fresh fennel, dried cranberries, seasoned pepitas, and our Rosé salad dressing

Side Salads & Snacks

  • Kale Chicken Caesar

  • Fresh Fruit Salad

  • Veggies & Ranch

  • Quinoa & Black Bean Salad

    With smoky lime dressing

  • Kettle Chips

  • Greek Metala Orzo Salad New!

    Orzo pasta, onions, bell peppers, cucumber, Kalamata olives, feta, tomato, olive oil, lemon, garlic, and oregano

  • Sesame Noodles New!

    Noodles, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, red chili flakes, scallions, sesame seeds, and sesame oil

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Bottled Water

    Oregon Rain

  • Soda

  • Polar Seltzer

  • San Pellegrino—Flavors

  • San Pellegrino—Aqua Minerale

  • Juice

  • Gold Peak Iced Tea

  • Gallon of Water

    1 gallon (service for 16)

  • Stumptown Coffee

    Regular Delicatessen Blend or decaf— Eight ounce cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, and cocktail napkins are included with coffee service.

  • Steven Smith Tea

    An assortment of green, black, and herbal teas— Eight ounce cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, and cocktail napkins are included with tea service.

Wine & Beer

  • Elephants Cuvée Rouge, Red Blend

    An Oregon blend that is easy drinking with vibrant red fruit and a long silky finish

  • Elephants Eola-Amity Pinot Noir

    Classic Oregon Pinot on the nose with ripe red fruit and a core of pure dark cherry, nice acidity and notes of spice

  • McKinlay Vineyards Pinot Noir

    This light and juicy Oregon Pinot has hints of cherry-berry fruit and an elegant finish

  • CMS Hedges Cabernet Sauvignon New!

    Full-bodied Washington Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of dark toast, clove, peppermint, wild blackberry, plum, and a touch of dark cocoa powder

  • Elio Perrone Tasmorcan, Barbera d’Asti

    An Italian red, fresh with raspberry, violet and vanilla and smooth, polished tannins

  • Winter's Hill Pinot Noir New!

    This flat-out delicious Oregon wine is juicy and precise on the finish, which leaves red fruit and floral notes behind

  • Serbal Malbec New!

    This Argentinian wine has a dense berry fruit with savory herbal notes and velvety tannins

  • Owen Roe “Sharecroppers,” Red Blend

    This Washington blend is a fruit forward plush red blend with dark fruit and exotic spice

  • Treveri, Blanc De Blanc Brut Zero

    A dry sparkling Washington wine with hints of citrus and apple with a creamy finish

  • Torre Oria Cava Brut

    Green apple and juicy citrus fruits highlight this Spanish cava brut with a bright minerally finish

  • Seasonal Rosé

    Please inquire about our current selection

  • Owen Roe “Sharecroppers,” Chardonnay

    Balanced tropical fruit and vanilla flavor this Washington wine with a hint of oak on the finish

  • Elena Walch Alto Adige, Chardonnay

    This Italian white has flavors of juicy pear and peach fruit with zippy acidity and no oak

  • Elk Cove, Pinot Gris

    An Oregon wine with hints of silky melon and luscious fruit with a long finish

  • Erath, Pinot Gris

    An Oregon wine with hints of silky melon and luscious fruit with a long finish

  • Arca Nova, Vino Verde

    A perfect Portuguese aperitif wine with crisp green apple, lemon and lime zest

  • Portland Strong - 10 Barrel Brewing New!

    Enjoy a beer, support others—100% of the proceeds goes to Family Meal, an organization dedicated to helping food service and agricultural employees

  • Northwest’s Famous Craft Brews

    We offer a rotating selection of local beers. Please inquire about our current selection

  • Seasonal Cider

    Please inquire about our current selection

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