Catering Kitchen

Elephants Catering, Sack Lunch Delivery and our corporate offices.

Elephants Catering Kitchen

Elephants Delicatessen offers great local foods from scratch every day, and much of that food is prepared (cooked & baked) at our SE Portland Catering Kitchen. Here you'll find Elephants Catering, Sack Lunch Delivery, and our Corporate Offices. Our kitchen also serves as a convenient pick-up option for Catering & Sack Lunch orders.


1611 SE 7th Ave, Portland OR 97214
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Elephants Catering & Events

"Lunch today was absolutely PERFECT! The promotion went smoothly and we had just the right amount of food. Everyone was delighted and it was delicious! Your staff was great too! We can always count on Elephants Deli to deliver quality."

-- Julie @ Alpha Broadcasting, Portland, OR