a photo of fondue from Elephants Delicatessen

Just Fon-due it

a photo of fondue from Elephants Delicatessen

Gather your friends and family around a pot of warm melted cheese this season. We’ve already made the fondue – just add bread, meat, veggies, and your favorite dipping ingredients and you’re ready to party.

Fon-do’s and don’ts:

Do assemble a delicious blend of accompaniments. We like bread, apples, roasted baby potatoes, crunchy crudites, and steamed broccoli or cauliflower.

Do pick an appropriate cheese vessel. A fondue pot is made to keep your fondue melty, and it adds Alpine panache to the get-together. Without it, you'll likely have to make a few trips to the kitchen to reheart your cheese. Alternatives include a small, heavy-bottomed pan. (Cast iron holds heat especially well.) You can use a crock-pot set to low. You can even use a gratin dish or a ramekin, heating the melted quickly under a broiler and ready in minutes.

Don’t prepare this meal beforehand. Make preparation part of the party. Assign your guests simple tasks, such as chopping vegetables, dicing cheese, or cutting bread. Add a bottle of wine to the mix and enjoy camaraderie and conversation with friends and family. You can also involve your guests by making your fondue party a potluck.

Do expertly stir your fondue fork in a figure-eight motion, rather than simply dipping it. This keeps the cheese from separately or sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Don’t lose your baguette in the cheese. Tradition dictates that if you do, you must kiss the person to your left (depending on who is seated to your left, this may be a do rather than a don’t).

Do pair fondue with beer or white wine (especially something from Savoie or Alpine region wines ).

Come into Elephants and pick up a pint of our fondue and accompaniments (baguette. summer sausage, etc.).

Order our fondue kit from our Christmas delivery and pickup menu.

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