cut blocks and mini blocks of ubriaco cheese

House-Made Ubriaco

cut blocks and mini blocks of ubriaco cheese

Ubriaco is the Italian word for ‘drunk’. In culinary terms it refers to cheeses that are aged in wine & wine grape must. These are a delicacy in Italy as the wine must soaks into the cheese giving it the aroma of a wine cellar & plenty of tannic wine flavors.

Our wine buyer Larry Halkinrude is a noted home winemaker. He gave us his used must of Primativo grapes & we soaked three types of cheeses in it for almost 2 months: a wheel of Caveman Blue, a wheel of Chubut, & a bunch of Palhais goat rounds. These drunken delights are best served in crumbles or shavings. Ask Larry or Kristen, our cheesemonger, for wine pairing suggestions!

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