Gift Guide: Global Gourmet

Elevate your at-home culinary experience. We're obsessed with the bold flavors of these exceptional products crafted by woman-owned, AAPI-owned businesses. They are all handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients and would make excellent gifts for the food lovers on your list.

  • Our neighbors at Sibeiho offer tantalizing Singaporean-inspired sambals that add an explosion of spice to any dish. We love the versatility of their sambals, which can be used as a base for cooking or served as a condiment to a finished dish. A must-have kitchen hack to add that umami oomph. Learn more about Sibeiho and get recipe ideas.

  • Brooklyn Delhi brings you delicious condiments and sauces inspired by Indian culinary traditions and plant-based ingredients, including chutney, achaar, masala, and more. Their ingredients are thoughtfully and meticulously sourced for each recipe-- down to the type of coconut cream and variety of mango. Learn more and find recipe inspiration.
  • Portland-based Sao Noi offers chili oils and beef jerky that evoke nostalgia for their family’s traditional Lao and Thai recipes. Learn more about this family business and explore recipes.

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