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​Can I get nutritional information?

Get the basic nutritional information you need (calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, sodium, etc.) about your favorite Elephants Delicatessen dishes here. We are always adding to our nutritional database. If you need information about a particular item that is not included, please email us.

​Do you have a rewards program. How does it work?

Yes we do! Here’s the thing about our new rewards program: you get freebies (like soup) and surprises (2-for-1 deals so you can treat a friend). But the really cool thing you get is that you get $10 for every $100 you spend. So if you dine with us often, you are basically enjoying a 10% discount.

Another thing: We don’t receive or store any of your personal information – your name, address, credit card information, what you order, etc.

Also, you can use the Thanx Rewards Program to give us instant feedback to help us improve. We are thankful!

You can learn more here. https://signup.thanx.com/elephantsdeli

I have a common food allergen (wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, etc.). How can I find out which menu items meet my dietary needs?

We denote common allergens on our food signage. And our menus list ingredients and denote wheat-free (WF), vegan (V), vegetarian (VE), and dairy-free (DF) menu items.

What holidays do you close for?

We are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so our team members can spend time with their families and friends. Our airport location is open 365 days a year to serve travelers.

We often close early on other holidays, or have alternate hours. We post our holiday hours on our website. Please check the location page for our latest holiday hours.

Do you give back to your local community?

Investing in our communities is important to us. Each of our restaurants donates food and serves their communities through a variety of local efforts. And we schedule quarterly companywide volunteer events. Learn more about how we give back to our community.

How do I submit a donation request?

Because we get approached by so many community members and organizations with partnership opportunities, please submit one of our Donation Request Forms to get the process started.

That would be a great help to us in considering your request.

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