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How are you ensuring the health and safety of guests and employees during these times?
  • We look forward to serving you and your guests in a safe and responsible manner. We are committed to the safety and health of our community members, staff, and patrons. Our team will continue to abide by all applicable state regulations and guidelines.

Learn more about what we’re doing to ensure the safety of our team, our customers, and our community.

Am I able to postpone the catering for my event? What does that process look like?
  • Yes, you are able to postpone planned full-service catering for your event. Elephants Catering allows you to move your 2020 catering date one time, to any date in 2021. If you are still unable to hold your event on the new 2021 date, due to COVID related reasons, then our Force Majeure clause would be enacted, and we would be able to refund the deposit minus $250.

Otherwise, if you wanted to cancel the event outside of the Force Majeure clause, the following deadlines would apply:

90 day notice – 50% refund of deposit

30 day notice – 25% refund of the deposit

What do catered events during Covid-19 look like?
  • No matter the phase or circumstance, our catering staff is available to deliver & drop off your menu items. These items are available to be delivered cold to re-heat or hot and ready-to-eat. As of now, buffet service and bulk beverages are not available due to state regulations. At Elephants Catering, we have re-worked our menu to offer pre-composed meals, individual appetizers, and cocktail kits.
    A 6′ distancing must be maintained at all times between those who are not in the same household/family unit. Venues are designating separate doors for entering & exiting the building and are doing hourly sanitation of bathrooms and other high-touch points.
  • Cultural, Civic, and Faith Based Events: During Phase 1, up to 50 people can gather for an event, as long as the venue can accommodate the guest count with current regulations in mind. Please note, all vendors and staff must be included in your total guest count. Elephants Catering may be available to staff your event; please contact us with event details.
  • Indoor Social Events: Guest counts for indoor events are limited to groups of ​10. Elephants Catering is available to deliver & drop-off your menu selections. Masks must be worn outside as well, if 6’ distancing cannot be met.
​How do your menus work?
  • Our Full-Service Catering Menu is designed for a more elegant setting in mind and contains pre-selected choices appropriate for virtually any occasion. Some items from the full-service catering menu may require on-site chef preparation.
  • Our Delivery Menu is for our drop-off and catering delivery services, as well as curbside or in-store pickup.
  • Please inquire with our staff of professional event planners to receive the current full-service or standard catering menu and note that any prices listed do not include staff, bar service, equipment, décor services or gratuity. These can vary greatly depending on the scope of your event.
​Can you deliver or provide drop-off catering for my event?

Elephants Catering & Events specializes in drop-off catering for any event!

A few notes for clients considering drop-off catering:

  • Our Delivery Catering menu is available for drop off catering, as well as certain items from our 2020 Full Service catering menu.
  • Menu items can be delivered cool to re-heat in a 2-hour window, or hot and ready-to-heat in a 30 minute window. For hot meals, we recommend a delivery window as close as possible to the meal time.
  • Our dedicated staff is assigned a specified delivery window, which is determined a minimum of 12 hours prior to your event. Any last minute changes cannot be guaranteed.
  • All the items on our current Delivery Menu are sent with disposable containers and platters. For our casserole/entree items, the single serve “Small” containers are microwave safe and the “Medium” and “Large” sizes are microwave and oven safe.
Do you deliver to my location?


Can you offer buffet style meals and/or send your food items in larger containers for serving groups?
  • Current regulations do not allow for buffet meals, though, for 2021 Summer-Fall events, we are happy to quote out a buffet-style meal. Please note that this is contingent on regulations and guidelines announced by the Oregon State government and Oregon Health Authority.
  • We are able to deliver and drop of menu items in larger containers for you and your guests to serve, though our staff would not be able to set-up the buffet area at this time.
​Can I substitute menu items if I don’t like something?
  • For our à la carte menus, the choice is yours! Sides within our pre-composed Perfect Entrees and Dinner packages are not able to be substituted at this time.
​I’m hosting my wedding/event at my house, and I like to grill – can you provide side dishes and serving trays?
  • Of course! Our selection of side dishes, snacks, and appetizers will perfectly complement virtually any main course.

Please note: Because of our strict adherence to Health Department regulations, Elephants staff cannot prepare or handle any food items provided by you.

​Do you offer menu tastings?
  • COVID Updated – In person tastings are not being conducted at this time, though you are welcome to order items off of our Catering Menu for delivery or pickup. Please connect with your planner for more details.
  • Standard Tasting Policy (2021 + future events): We offer complimentary tastings for up to two individuals with a signed contract. Tastings are conducted at our catering offices in SE Portland and are by appointment only. Additional guests can be accommodated with advanced notice, for $10 per person.
  • All tastings are limited to your proposed menu only, with an option for one additional item if requested in advance. If a menu item is not available, Elephants will make every effort to substitute a similar or suggested substitute.

Please note: all menu tasting items are subject to ingredient availability, and may not be feasible outside of the seasonal menu’s time frame.

​When should we do a tasting?
  • Our menus are updated to take advantage of locally and seasonally available ingredients. We recommend, therefore, selecting a day reasonably close (30-45 days before) to your event date to increase the likelihood that particular menu items or ingredients are available.
​I don’t know where I am going to hold my wedding/event – can you help?
  • Elephants is a preferred caterer at most of the premier venues in the greater Portland-metro area, as well as the Columbia Gorge and Willamette wine country. For more information, please refer to our preferred catering venues page on our website.
  • Elephants also has two private dining rooms at our NW 22nd and Corbett Avenue locations. The Corbett Room is perfect for mid-sized social and corporate events, and The Garden Room is ideal for intimate parties, meetings and more.
  • Our team also manages Leftbank Annex, an industrial two-level event space located in NE Portland. Leftbank is available for events of all sizes and types, whether it be a wedding, tradeshow, gala, or performance.
  • We continually seek to establish and expand relationships with the region’s best venues, and would be thrilled to help you find the perfect setting for your big day.
​Do you sell and serve alcohol?
  • Elephants is a fully OLCC licensed provider of beer, wine and spirits, and will happily provide and serve at your event. We maintain a full selection of regional wine and beer, and specialize in creating custom-crafted cocktails as well.
​Can we bring our own alcohol for you to serve?
  • Elephants clients are free to provide their own alcohol for events, but it must all come from the same source (no BYOB). All events with client-provided alcohol must be pre-approved by the venue (unless it is a private residence), and may result in additional venue-specific insurance or fee requirements.

Please note: not all venues permit client-provided alcohol, and some carry restrictions on the types of alcohol allowed.

  • If alcohol is provided by the client, Elephants Catering charges a per-bottle/drink corkage fee in addition to the per-guest bar setup fee. This covers the cost of bar equipment, insurance and standard mixers.
​How about specialty cocktails?
  • Our resident barkeeps live to devise cocktails (from old classics to custom creations) suited to your event. Elephants is also proud to offer a selection of “preferred cocktails” with each and every full bar package. This rotating roster of revived classics and brand new creations is sure to be a hit with your guests, and is complimentary with all full bars.
​Do you provide flatware and serviceware? How about décor and flowers?
  • COVID UPDATE: At this time we are able to offer disposable plates, flatware, and beverage items. For full-service events, we would require that all china, glassware, flatware, etc. be organized and delivered/picked up through a rental company.
  • We work with numerous talented local vendors to arrange for specialty décor pieces, floral arrangements, lighting, draping and props.Our Catering Event Planners can provide recommendations on what items are needed and which rental companies can provide them.
Do you offer discounts for non-profit galas and events?
  • Yes! We extend a year-round discount of 10% off food and beverages for catering and sack lunch orders for our non-profit and B-Corp Certified customers, and can range anywhere from board luncheons to large charity fundraisers.
​When do I sign a contract?
  • A contract is best generated and signed when you formally reserve your event date. Menu particulars and event details can continue to be updated and modified throughout the event planning process, but only a signed contract and deposit will reserve your event date. Please note that summer, holiday, and weekend event dates book quickly, so a signed contract is best completed farther in advance.
​My venue doesn’t have the necessary tables and chairs (or ones that I like) – can you help?
  • Elephants works with the best in the event rental field, and can procure many styles of chairs, covers, couches, or lounge furniture. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we will be happy to find it for you. If you are planning a wedding during the summer months, please let us know as soon as possible, as the most popular styles and colors may be in limited supply come spring.
​When do you need my final guest count?
  • Your final guest count – not subject to reduction – is due ten (10) business days prior to your event. Any increase in guest count beyond this date may incur additional charges, as menu ingredients are ordered specifically for your event.
I still have a few of your catering dishes, should I keep them? Or will you be picking them up?
  • We generally return the following day to collect everything unless the client requests a same day pick up, which we would then schedule. We ask that the client keep all of the equipment in the same location as the delivery so the driver doesn’t run the risk of missing anything. Unfortunately, we do miss things sometimes, especially if it’s at a 3rd party location. If this happens then its best for the client to give us a call with the invoice number so we can arrange for a driver to go back and collect, or if you wish, you can bring any dishes back to our Central Kitchen, located @ 1611 SE 7th Ave. Portland, OR 97214.
Do you provide wedding cakes or cupcakes?
  • Currently, we are not offering cakes or cupcakes however we do have other great single-serve dessert options available!
Can I provide my own wedding cake?
  • Yes, so long as it comes from a bakery/commercial kitchen.  If you would like our staff to cut the cake, a cake cutting fee will be applied to your contract.
How many staff will you need onsite?
  • The number of staff for your event will depend on your guest count, event length, and meal/beverage service needs. Inquire with one of our planners for additional information.
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