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Over-head shot of 6 Pizzelles on a table - Italian waffle cookies
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Rivelli’s Pizzelles & Cookies

09.06.2019 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Event Summary

Rivelli's Pizzelles is on a mission to share their family traditions with the world. Pizzelles are a traditional Italian waffle cookie, usually flavored with anise, but Rivelli's Pizzelles are changing the game with an assortment of delicious flavors, and they're local! Come taste what they've got.

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Product Tastings

Prana Chai

12.10.2019 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Prana chai sources fresh, whole spices from many parts of the world such as India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. They crack open and blend these spices with tea and honey, by hand! Then they put it in a bag and send it on its merry way. We are so excited to have them at the…

Product Tastings

Cardamom Hills Chutney

12.24.2019 | 11am-2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Join our friends from Cardamom Hills for a taste of southern India. These versatile hand-crafted chutneys are sure to delight.

Product Tastings

The Matzo Project

12.21.2019 | 11am-2pm

elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Matzo crackers made marvelous! Come taste a traditional snack that has been deliciously re-formulated by two childhood friends.

Product Tastings

Epiphany Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar

12.17.2019 | 11am-5pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

From the very first taste, this "culinary epiphany" will leave you wondering what food it cannot improve. Drop in and taste for yourself.


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