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Epiphany Caramelized Balsamic Vinegar

12.13.2018 | 11am- 4pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Event Summary

From the very first taste, this "culinary epiphany" will leave you wondering what food it cannot improve. Drop in and taste for yourself.



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Cabot Clothbound Cheddar and Farms for Kids Maple Cream

12.23.2018 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Farms For City Kids Foundation provides a stimulating outdoor classroom where urban youth explore new dimensions of learning as academics are integrated into everyday farm activities like cheesemaking that practice and teach sustainability. Join them and taste the results of all their good work.

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Le Bon Magot

12.14.2018 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Come visit our friends at Le Bon Magot to discover "The Hidden Treasure" and make all of your cooking dreams come true. Enjoy chutneys, condiments, emulsions, pickles, preserves and spice blends inspired by the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

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Stumptown Winter Cheer

12.12.2018 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Come try Stumptown Coffee Roasters new limited time cold brew! The Stumptown Winter Cheer.

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Brooklyn Delhi Achaar Sauces

12.08.2018 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Achaar (pronounced ah-char; 'pickled' in Hindi) is a flavor-packed condiment made from vegetables & fruits, aromatic spices and chili peppers - think of it as India‚Äôs equivalent to Sriracha but with a more complex flavor and without all the sugar. Traditionally, achaar is eaten with rice, dal, curry or yogurt, but our recipe is super…


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