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Coro by Salumi brings the same flavor, recipes and handcrafted processes enjoyed for years.

What has changed is a new approach to sourcing ingredients. Their products are now all made with all-natural ingredients, including locally sourced spices and humanely treated vegetarian-fed pork never treated with antibiotics. They have also added an uncured nitrate and nitrite-free product line and moved to easy-to-eat casings with no peeling required. Enjoy!



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Food Tastings

Don Froylan Cheese: Take-Home Tasting

09.17.2021 | Free sample bags available starting at 10:00 am

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

The Ochoa family has been producing queso fresco since the late 1990s when Don Froylan and Zoila moved their family to Oregon. Unable to find any authentic Mexican cheese, they started making it in their home kitchen with 10 gallons of milk every day. Today they produce some of the most authentic and highest quality…

Food Tastings

Take-home tasting: Irish soda bread

03.05.2021 | 10:00am

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Get a taste of our Irish soda bread before it becomes available as part of our St. Patrick's menu. We'll ave thirty free samples ready at 10:00am--bagged up and ready to go home with you. Everyone has their favorite Irish soda bread recipe. Some with caraway seeds, some with raisins, some with both, some with…

Food Tastings

Olio Nuovo Olive Oil

01.11.2020 | 11AM-2PM

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Olio Nuovo is the freshest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This special unfiltered olive oil is only available as a limited release. It contains fine pieces of olives that do not filter out during the initial milling process but add vibrancy and richness to the appearance, texture, and taste of the oil.

Food Tastings

Raclette cheese dinner night

01.11.2020 | Starts at 4:30 p.m.

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

The best pairing for cool nights? Hot cheese! Tuck into a traditional Swiss Raclette dinner on Thursdays at NW 22nd this January. We’ll crank up the raclette machine at 4:30pm and serve Reading Raclette, the famed American-made alpine cheese from Spring Brook Farms in Vermont. This hot, melty cheese will be poured all over some…

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