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Bozorth Beverages

05.17.2019 | 11am- 2:30pm

Flying Elephants at Fox Tower

Event Summary

Bozorth Beverages are made from all natural ingredients, and made from love. This versatile non-alcoholic ginger beer can be enjoyed straight up, as a mixer, or even splashed in with your favorite dish. Come give it a try at Flying Elephants at Fox Tower.

Bozorth Beverges


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Product Tastings

Portland Syrups

06.01.2019 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Truly dedicated to authenticity, this soda differs from the rest by sticking true to all-natural processes, and doing things the right way. They believe that doing things in this manner makes sure that the taste of their product is the best on the market, and we agree!

Product Tastings

Kivelstadt Cellars

06.07.2019 | 5- 7pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Kivelstadt Cellars, founded by Jordan Kivelstadt, strives to create wines of intrigue that maintain a fun and approachable style. Come taste this Californian wine that is challenging the status quo. Featuring Father's Watch and The Family Secret.

Product Tastings

Ranger Chocolate

05.25.2019 | 11am- 2pm

Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd Avenue

Ranger chocolate produces small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using ethically-sourced cacao beans. Translation: Super delish chocolate that's good for our planet. Come try some!

Product Tastings

Aurora CBD Elixirs

05.30.2019 | 11am- 2pm

Flying Elephants at Fox Tower

This exciting new product is infused with quality, full-spectrum, agricultural hemp extract that is high in CBD and zero THC. Come and try this great tasting elixir that is a part of such a fast growing market.


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