Custom Elephants Teas from Smith Teamaker

Introducing three new tea blends, made exclusively for Elephants Delicatessen by Smith Teamakers. You can enjoy a cup of tea at any of our locations--or buy a lovely box as a gift to yourself or a fellow tea lover. They will also be included in our tea lover gift boxes. A labor of love by tea-loving members of our herd and the fantastic folks at Smith, these are true tea trasures you'll want to savor again and again.
No. 1979

A rich and full flavored black tea blend created with teas plucked at their peak from the premier tea producing regions around the globe. Big, bold, and malty with hints of black currant. A tasty twist on traditional black teas.
INGREDIENTS: Full leaf black teas from India and Sri Lanka, China Kemun black tea from Anhui Province and natural dark fruit flavors.
1979 is the year that Elephant’s Delicatessen was established.
No. 100

Envelop yourself in this aromatic bouquet of exotic hand-picked green tea blended with fragrant hyssop and jasmine. This delicate liquor’s transporting and rejuvenating effects will linger long after your last sip. A tropical vacation in a teacup.
INGREDIENTS: Spring harvested green tea from China, fragrant hyssop, lemon myrtle, elderflower, jasmine green tea, natural fruit flavors and safflower.
100 refers to our Green mission. For example, we purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable resources, support the movement towards 100% renewable energy use, enable 100% recycling of appropriate materials, and use 100% petroleum free plastic containers for our salads.
No. 2014

Curl up with this cozy, caffeine-free blend of South African rooibos and sweet honeybush.  With warming notes of cinnamon and clove, the sweet flavor of licorice and the fresh flavor of stone fruits. This blissful blend will sooth and refresh.
INGREDIENTS: South African honeybush, rooibos, licorice root, cinnamon, clove and natural flavors.
2014: The year we created these custom tea blends with our friends at Smith Teamaker. Here’s to a delicious future for all of us and our tea-loving customers!

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