Order your Christmas feast by December 12th!

Not only do these chocolates taste amazing, but they all have equally wonderful packaging that will make the recipient squeal with glee.
Our buyer has collected the best chocolate from around the globe. Here are just a few of the things you’ll find!

HUNGARY. Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé “Sailor Mustache”
This is very top-end stuff, but a single mustache-shaped strip satisfies. Bergamot fruits are harvested, candied, cut, and coated in dark Venezuelan chocolate.

SWEDEN. Dala Horses
A national symbol of Sweden, Dala Horses are made of chocolate rich dark chocolate filled with punsch (a Swedish liqueur).

ICELAND. Omnom  Chocolate Bars
These have quickly become a herd favorite. The packaging is gorgeous. The chocolate stuns with its unique flavorings. And we love to say Omnom. Omnom omnom omnom.

ENGLAND. Artisan du Chocolat: Ginger & Lemongrass Milk Chocolate
The elegant box contains a bar of milk chocolate that is subtly flavored with ginger and lemongrass.

SPAIN. ChocoLate Orgániko: Chocolate Negro BIO 56 % Cacao con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
Smooth and creamy chocolate with extra virgin olive oil. Sweet, sour, bitter and fruity all at once.

USA. Olympic Provisions: Chocolate Salami
Chocolate salami. If you live in Portland you owe it to yourself to try this. And give it to people you love. Seriously. Cross this off your must-eat list this holiday season.

CANADA. Dufflet: Amigos
Dufflet is know for making spectacular take-home desserts in Toronto. Lucky for us she also creates a small line of adorable hand-crafted confections like these little dogs. What dog lover wouldn’t want these? And, yes, the package DOES include a chocolate fire hydrant, too.

FRANCE. Le Carré de Chocolat: Excellence Poire Williams
Indulge in these dark chocolates filled with Poire Williams liquor.



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