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Charcuterie and wine pairing

Charcuterie for the Holidays

Charcuterie and wine pairing

If you are looking for an easy way to impress your holiday guests, let Elephants NW 22nd deli department put together a charcuterie board. Our head cheesemonger and Charcutier, Chris Remy, has put together his top picks for a stress free charcuterie board that is guaranteed to impress.
Select a few different options, with differing textures,  to create a foundation for charcuterie board success (a more rustic-style pork pâté + a local salami + a silkier wagyu beef terrine, for example). Keep pairings simple with a sliced homemade baguette or rosemary crackers. And round out your charcuterie board with a garnish of acidic pickles, nuts and seasonal dried fruits.
Here's a look at what we are making right now--lots of new items:
Wagyu Beef Tongue Terrine 
Pâté de Forestier (pork-based pâté with a blend of mushrooms) NEW this year!
Pheasant and Prune Pâté 
Wild Boar Pâté 
Country Pork Pâté
Duck Rillette
Pork Rillette
Duck Confit

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