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Let us feed your hungry cast & crew
with great local foods from scratch.

Craft Services
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Elephants Craft Services

Elephants Catering knows that a well-fed Cast & Crew are a happy and productive Cast & Crew. As an Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) Member, we proudly offer many service options to keep your production humming along and on schedule, and our wide-ranging menu selections will ensure that your dining experience is always fresh, never tired.

From fully prepared and mouthwatering drop-off catering to cooking on-location, our catering services are fully mobile to serve you when and where you need us! From the first day of filming to the wrap party and local premier, Elephants Catering is there for you every step of the way.

We also offer a wide variety of pre-assembled Sandwich & Salad Sack or Boxed Lunches for easy grab and go service for those on a tight filming schedule.

One service that sets Elephants Catering apart is our “Home Away From Home” program. The last thing anyone needs to worry about after long day of re-writes is tracking down dinner. We can stock your home fridge & freezer with fresh, ready-to-cook frozen casseroles, homestyle favorites and fresh selections from our kitchen to yours!

For more information or ordering, email or call 503-937-1019.

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Filming Green

At Elephants Catering, we applaud the trend in the film and entertainment industry to make the filmmaking process more environmentally responsible and we are proud to be an active partner in that process. 

With our biodiesel & electric catering fleet, 100% wind powered catering kitchen, compostable service-ware, and industry-leading recycling & composting program, as well as our Food Alliance Certified fresh produce suppliers and hormone & antibiotic free dairy partners, Elephants has always had high-quality ingredients and the environment in mind.

Making the choice of Elephants Catering is not only supporting a Northwest owned & operated company, but also supports the many local and regionally based suppliers that we work with, not to mention the many artisan producers we have hand-picked from across the globe.

Our efforts have allowed us to help quietly shape the local food service market, and garnered us numerous local, regional & national awards. We still prefer to let our delicious cooking and exceptional customer service do the talking for us every day. We look forward to being a part of your next production, with our “Great Local Foods from Scratch” and phenomenal care at every meal.