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Drop-off Catering

We'll deliver your food fully prepared and ready to enjoy.

À La Carte Menu Full-Service Events

We specialize in drop-off catering for any event! Drop-off catering is delivered fully prepared, so we recommend a delivery window as close as possible to meal time.

Please note: drop-off catering is limited to our à la carte Standard Catering Menu (not our Full-Service Menu). See our Catering Menus. We cannot guarantee any same-day or last-minute change requests.

Delivery fees
Please inquire about delivery and drop off fees for your zip code. Convenient curbside pick-up is available at 1611 SE 7th Ave, Portland.

Catering Delivery & Pickup FAQ

​​How do your menus work?
  • Our Full-Service Menu is the primary menu for catered dinners, events, luncheons, and weddings. This menu is designed with a more elegant setting in mind, and contains pre-selected choices appropriate for virtually any occasion. This menu incorporates complete on-site chef preparation of your meal, specialty décor setup, and professional servers and bartenders.
  • Our Standard Catering is designed for smaller-scale events as well as corporate and personal catering delivery. This à la carte style menu gives you the freedom to completely design your event from the ground up.
  • Please inquire with our staff of professional event planners to receive the current full service or standard catering menu and note that any prices listed do not include service staff or on-site chef costs. These can vary greatly depending on the scope of your event.
Why can’t I just pick a package with a set cost per guest? Isn’t that easier?​
  • While pre-set packages with an all-inclusive cost per guest can be easier for budgeting purposes, Elephants prefers to customize each event we cater. We feel that every client deserves input on their menu and guest experience. No two events are ever the same, and we want your experience to be uniquely yours.
  • Customizing your event also allows us to put your valuable budget to use in areas where it really counts, and makes it easier for you to see where your money is being spent. Simply put, without pre-set packages, we can stretch your budget further and give you control over your guests’ experience.
​I’m hosting my wedding/event at my house, and I like to grill – can you provide side dishes and serving trays?
  • Of course! Our extensive selection of side dishes will perfectly complement virtually any main course. If necessary, we can also provide decorative serving platters, chafing dishes, and utensils for a small fee.

Please note: Because of our strict adherence to Health Department regulations, Elephants staff cannot prepare or handle any food items provided by you.

​Can I substitute menu items if I don’t like something?
  • For our à la carte menus, the choice is yours! If you are shopping our full service menu, we can substitute up to two menu items of equal or lesser value at no additional cost. Substituted items of higher cost (i.e. substituting salmon for chicken) will result in additional charges for the higher-priced item. Simply select any item from the current menu and inquire with your catering event planner for details.

Please note: there will be no reduction in total cost of the overall menu.

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