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The staff of Elephants Catering & Events has a singular goal - to delight your tastebuds and make planning any event as seamless as possible. Relax and enjoy the party as our dedicated team of catering & industry professionals guide you in creating a truly memorable occasion.

Our STANDARD CATERING MENU is designed for smaller-scale events as well as corporate and personal catering delivery. This à la carte menu gives you the freedom to completely design your event from the ground up and has selections appropriate for anything, from a simple in-office lunch to a backyard

Our FULL-SERVICE CATERING MENU is the primary menu for fully staffed catered dinners, events, luncheons and weddings. This menu is designed with a more elegant setting in mind, and contains pre-selected menus for any occasion, from a wine-country-inspired wedding to non-profit plated fundraiser. This menu requires complete on-site chef preparation of your meal, specialty décor setup, and professional servers and bartenders


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The Best Food, Made Fresh Daily

As Portland's favorite specialty foods & catering company, Elephants Catering is a trusted and integral part of the community fabric of Portland. Our catering menu features traditional favorites & seasonal specials all prepared from scratch daily, along with our exceptional hand-cut cheese selections, charcuterie and in-house bakery & patisserie.

Our chef and staff regard the pleasure of eating as an all-encompassing sensory experience, and take great strides to ensure that each and every item crafted in our kitchen will tempt and please your guests. Our taste creations have been reviewed in publications from Portland Monthly to the New York Times, and our Executive Chef is continually creating delights ranging from Asian bistro-inspired selections to "new American comfort food". We also offer a variety of wine, beer and bar options. Please inquire with your sales associate.

  Portland Floral Design

Design, Floral Arrangements & Decor

Elephants Catering knows that it's all the little things that really make an event timeless and memorable. In our over 30 years, we've developed relationships with the best in design & rental partners in the area to achieve your vision. From floral masterpieces to integrated lighting to custom fabrics, we know who has what you're looking for and can make all of the arrangements for you - we're here to help!

  Portland Catering Venues

Beautiful Venues

We know that the best place for a party or celebration can be your own home or office! But if you are looking to truly dazzle your guests and go beyond the ordinary, location is, as they say, everything! Elephants Catering has earned our place as a Preferred Caterer at venues across Portland and SW Washington, into Wine Country and through the Columbia Gorge! Let us help you choose the ideal venue or location for your next event.

  Portland Catering Staff

A Professional Staff

The staff of Elephants Catering has a single goal in mind - to delight your tastebuds and make planning any event as seamless as possible. We can be as hands-on (or off) as you need us to be. Let our dedicated team of catering & industry professionals guide you in creating a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests - while you relax and enjoy the party!

  Elephants Cares

Environmental Commitment

At Elephants, we are aware of the potential environmental impact that hosting an event can have. That's why we take every possible step to be responsible stewards for future generations of guests. Elephants Catering services are Gold Certified by Portland's Sustainability At Work. Our efforts have won us numerous awards, including the Sustainable Business Oregon Innovation Award for Small Businesses and the EPA Energy Star Award. From our resource conservation efforts, to our extensive composting & recycling, you've never seen an Elephant tread so lightly! We offer "Electric Delivery" Nissan Leaf and Biodiesel fleet, and use 100% wind power at our Catering kitchen, but these are just a few of the things we feel are important. Take a look at our Green Statement and Sustainable Policies and Practices for more details..


  Elephants Cares

Make your Wedding an Occasion to Remember

Elephants Catering & Events would love the opportunity to share in creating your most special of occasions. We are known throughout the Northwest for our “Great Local Foods from Scratch” and our dedication to exceptional service. We believe that with your vision and our delicious menu, together we can make your wedding a celebration to remember!

  Elephants Cares

Details, Details, Details….

Planning your wedding day is a deeply personal experience.  Each and every detail is of the utmost importance – from coordinating linens with your invitations & centerpieces to the placement of your hand-crafted wedding mementos – nothing can be overlooked or taken for granted. This is especially true when considering a menu that you and your guests will love.  That is exactly why, whether intimate or grand, Elephants Catering has dedicated wedding specialists to help plan this most cherished of celebrations.

We’ll sit with you and go step by step through your vision, culinary preferences and all the little things that will help you create an unforgettable memory for years to come. With seasonally available specialty dishes, and the bounty of unique recipes we have developed over more than 30 years, Elephants Catering is sure to delight your senses. From the first look to the final bite we know that your guests will be delighted.

Along with our personal style of menu selection, we understand that the details of a wedding stretch beyond the menu.  Elephants takes pride in working with the best in the local wedding industry. Whether you’re looking for calligraphy place cards, custom decor, or musicians and DJs, we would love to connect you to our trusted partners. Elephants will personally care for many aspects of your reception, and we can make suggestions based upon our years of experience, but we also recognize that pulling together all the details for a wedding – from the engagement party, bridal shower, hair & makeup and rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon suite – is quite a feat. We would be happy to recommend the services of the brilliant wedding planners we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Looking to “Green” your Wedding?

These days, making your wedding day a little greener goes beyond forgoing the traditional confetti & rice shower upon your grand exit. One of the largest environmental footprints of a wedding comes with your catering – let us suggest methods and options to add some "green" to your wedding colors!


  Portland Craft Services

Elephants Craft Services

Elephants Catering knows that a well-fed Cast & Crew are a happy and productive Cast & Crew. As an Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA) Member, we proudly offer many service options to keep your production humming along and on schedule, and our wide-ranging menu selections will ensure that your dining experience is always fresh, never tired.

From fully prepared and mouthwatering drop-off catering to cooking on-location, our catering services are fully mobile to serve you when and where you need us! From the first day of filming to the wrap party and local premier, Elephants Catering is there for you every step of the way.

We also offer a wide variety of pre-assembled Sandwich & Salad Sack or Boxed Lunches for easy grab and go service for those on a tight filming schedule.

One service that sets Elephants Catering apart is our “Home Away From Home” program. The last thing anyone needs to worry about after long day of re-writes is tracking down dinner. We can stock your home fridge & freezer with fresh, ready-to-cook frozen casseroles, homestyle favorites and fresh selections from our kitchen to yours!

For more information or ordering, email craftservices@elephantsdeli.com or call 503-937-1019.

  Portland Craft Services

Filming Green

At Elephants Catering, we applaud the trend in the film and entertainment industry to make the filmmaking process more environmentally responsible and we are proud to be an active partner in that process. 

With our biodiesel & electric catering fleet, 100% wind powered catering kitchen, compostable service-ware, and industry-leading recycling & composting program, as well as our Food Alliance Certified fresh produce suppliers and hormone & antibiotic free dairy partners, Elephants has always had high-quality ingredients and the environment in mind.

Making the choice of Elephants Catering is not only supporting a Northwest owned & operated company, but also supports the many local and regionally based suppliers that we work with, not to mention the many artisan producers we have hand-picked from across the globe.

Our efforts have allowed us to help quietly shape the local food service market, and garnered us numerous local, regional & national awards. We still prefer to let our delicious cooking and exceptional customer service do the talking for us every day. We look forward to being a part of your next production, with our “Great Local Foods from Scratch” and phenomenal care at every meal.


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I have always enjoyed pleasant encounters with your staff... you have done a spectacular job of offering quality product with great customer service. The best part is that you make it seem so fun!

-- Lori G., Portland, OR