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a photo pf caciocavallo

Cacciocavallo: August Cheese of the Month

a photo pf caciocavallo

The name means "cheese on horseback" for how the duos of gourd-shaped cheese are tied together by a rope and draped over a wooden board to drain and age. It is a mild but complex “pasta filate” (or stretched curd) cheese, like provolone or mozzarella. That means the curd is kneaded and stretched while it’s warm.
Good to know:
· It’s similar in flavor to an aged provolone.
· The mild cheese develops stronger, saltier flavors and a more pungent aroma as it ages.
· It’s pronounced KAH-cho-ca-VAHL-low.
Serving ideas: Enjoy on its own or in a variety of recipes, from on top of salads or potatoes to using it in risotto to grilling (yes, you can grill it!) or in a grilled cheese. Pair with salami.
Pour a glass of: A red from Southern Italy.
Just the facts:
Milk source: Cow
Country of origin: Italy
Rind: Natural
Texture: Semi-soft
Aging: Minimum three months

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