Burrata: July Cheese of the Month

This creamy dreamy  Italian cow milk cheese looks like mozzarella at first glance, but cut it open and fresh curds and cream spill out.  You'll find it in the cheese case at our flagship Elephants Delicatessen at NW 22nd.
Good to know:  

  • For peak creaminess, warm your burrata ball to room temperature before serving. Thirty minutes should do the trick!
  • Serve this cheese in a bowl rather than on a plate, so you don’t lose any of the luxurious cream inside. 

Serving ideas: 
Let this cheese shine! Serve it simply, with bread or tomatoes and a sprinkling sea salt or olive oil. Enjoy over a pizza. Swap for mozzarella in a Caprese or pair with fruit (pickled cherries! peaches!) and use in salads.  
At our NW 22nd store, we serve it drizzled with olive oil, alongside our housemate tomato jam.
Pour a glass of: 
Chenin blanc. Crisp and acidic, with light minerality. 
Just the facts: 
Milk source: Cow
Country of origin: Italy
Rind: Rindless
Texture: Very soft
Aging: Fresh 

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