Portlanders are becoming big fans of apéritifs–appetite-whetting refreshments to sip with a plate of appetizers as you ease into your evening. Perfect for holiday celebrations, apéritifs are usually a mix of wine, spirits, herbs, and spices. Lighter than cocktails and easy to pair with food, they have the added value of stoking the appetite and, like digestifs (their after dinner counterparts), aiding digestion.

Elephants Delicatessen carries many classic European aperitifs. They can be enjoyed on their own or in cocktails.

Free Apéritif Class
Learn how to mix and enjoy aperitifs (Cocchi Americano, Dolin Blanc, Bonal, and Cardamaro) and make a slew of festive and classic cocktails on Friday, December 16th at our NW 22nd location. Just in time for the holidays!  Recipes are included.

Here’s one drink, just to whet your appetite…

White Manhattan

2 oz Rye or Bourbon Whiskey
1 oz Dolin Blanc
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir with ice and serve up with a Luxardo cherry in a Martini glass.



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